Bunion correctors for feet

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Does the deformity of your feet make you so uncomfortable that showing them makes you feel ashamed?  

The item is a simple and practical bunion corrector splint for the big toe, which is mainly made of elastic fabric composite materials, and provides strong correction of the deformed thumb bone to achieve a hallux valgus correction goal.  

This bunion corrector is extremely comfortable to wear and is adjustable to ensure maximum comfort and support for the user. With an easy and comfortable fit, this is truly a wonderful orthotic for the thumb and foot.  

This big toe corrector reduces friction between your bunion and shoes to relieve foot pain and realign your big toe.

chaussures scholl pour hallux valgus
meilleur correcteur hallux valgus

🔶  Easy to use:it can be worn or removed in seconds. Not only can you wear it around the house, but you can also wear it in your shoes for daily, long-lasting corrections.

🔶 Durable:Made with soft and flexible elastic fabric, this foot bunion corrector is washable with soap and water and reusable several times

🔶 Can be used all day: Made of lightweight fabric, it can be worn directly inside most types of socks and shoes for continuous, comfortable protection, and you can wear them day and night for more effective correction


This foot bunion corrector was developed by the best orthopedic surgeon and is used to straighten bent thumbs and relieve pain. It is recommended for use during normal household activities, day and night. Its design allows the toes and feet to move naturally while remaining aligned.  


  • Material: composite elastic fabric. 

  • Color: light yellow.

  • Sex : Unisex  

  • Size :   - S    (14,5 x 7cm)  

                - M  (​​16,5 x 8 cm)  

                - L    (18,5 x 9 cm)  


  • 1 * Bunion foot corrector     

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