Blue portable laser engraver

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You need to personalize all your personal accessories?

Protect your expensive possessions by engraving your initials, birthdays, and name so they'll be easy todistinguish in case of theft. Perfect for any occasion, the engraving pen works on leather, wood, plastic, glass and even electronics! There's nothing like receiving a gift with your loved one's handwriting on it.

Personalize trophies, jewelry, or decorate a gift with meaningful letters, logos or designs. Compact and lightweight, it fits easily in your pocket or purse. 

Blue portable laser engraver

🔶 PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES: Engrave and protect your valuables and memories with this engraving pen. Suitable for glass, metal, plastic, wood, steel and leather. Bring your imagination to life. It's a great tool for adding a personal touch to gifts and tokens.   

🔶 EASY TO USE: Hold it like a pen with your thumb on the control button. Press the control button with your thumb. Using light pressure, press the tool onto the surface to be engraved. To turn it off, simply release the pressure of your thumb on the control button

🔶 ROBUST: Featuring a durable tungsten carbide tip, its aluminum body allows it to work effortlessly on hard materials for extra fine and delicate lines, ideal for marking on jewelry or other tiny objects, such as rings, pendants, etc.


Unleash your creativity with our brilliant engraving tool. This engraving pen is an excellent tool for creating graphic effects and stenciling. Good for engraving ceramic, plastic, metal and glass. It requires only two AA batteries. Create intricate engravings and instantly add value to your designs. 

Features :

  • Material: plastic + electronic components  

  • Color: white + blue  

  • Product size : 17,5 x 2,9 cm  

  • Net weight : 0.07 kg  

  • Power supply type: alternating current (AC)  

  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries (not included) 

  • Diameter of the cutter : 1 mm  

  • Applicable surface: the surface of glass, metal, plastic, wood, etc.  


  • 1 * Portable Electric Engraving Pen                               

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