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Blackhead vacuum skin exfoliator

Blackhead vacuum skin exfoliator

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You wish to have a beautiful skin without ruining yourself at the beautician's? We have what you need!  

The blackhead vacuum cleaner, we see it everywhere these days, it is THE star product of social networks! The reason is probably the fact that it is very effective in removing blackheads. The results are there from the very first use.

This tool lives up to its name because it is really a small vacuum cleaner that allows you to remove blackheads. For that, it aspires the skin by exerting a pressure. It also allows the impurities in your pores. This device also quickly absorbs blackheads and purifies your skin. You benefit from a variable suction intensity for your skin care.  

Blackhead vacuum skin exfoliator
Blackhead vacuum skin exfoliator

🔶 Effective suction : This blackhead vacuum is the solution to blackheads. However, you must use it punctually to respect your skin. It will help you get rid of blackheads in the long run. You can use it once a week.

🔶 A functional device :it comes with several modes of use. You have 3 adaptable heads on the device. They allow you to exfoliate different areas of your face.

Say goodbye to your appointments with the beautician. Now you can exfoliate your skin and get rid of your blackheads. A small instruction manual is included with the blackhead remover to help you use it.

To use, cleanse your face with water to open your pores. Then, turn on the blackhead vacuum and choose the suction speed. Then vacuum your blackheads and blemishes. Don't forget to apply a mask to stimulate your skin's tone.  

Features :

  • Body material : ABS  

  • Color : White  

  • Output voltage : 5V/ 1 

Content :

  • 1x blackhead extractor

  • 3x tips

  • 1x charging stand

  • 1x adapter

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