Bed frame with adjustable thread

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Are you losing precious sleep time because of the irritating noise your bed makes when it wobbles?    

Get the peace in your life as well as all the sleep you need with the Adjustable Threaded Bed Frame Anti-Vibration Tool! Give your bed the support it needs with this innovative product.  

This tool prevents the bed frame from wobbling, effectively reducing noise and protecting your bedroom wall from damage. This amazing tool can be used in many places, such as your bed, closet, chair, sofa and other objects that are placed against the wall.   

Easy to install, just slide it into place and make any furniture more stable in an instant. It guarantees you a good night's sleep in a stable and quiet bed!

Bed frame with adjustable thread
Bed frame with adjustable thread

🔶 Wall Protection :This adjustable threaded bed frame has an EVA cushion that can effectively reduce noise and protect your wall from damage while preventing the headboard from moving.

🔶 High quality materials : These products are available in several different heights. You can match the size you need according to the actual situation. The material is made of iron, which is firm and reliable and can withstand heavy pressure.

🔶 Improves the quality of your sleep : This adjustable threaded bed frame anti-sway tool keeps your bed stable, without wobbling when you move.


This adjustable anti-vibration bed frame can be used in many places, provided the center of gravity is unstable or easy to shake, such as the bed. Cabinets, chairs, sofas, etc. are placed against the wall. If you think bed movement won't affect your sleep, you may have to think again! In fact, if you don't have the right support, the bed will make a loud noise when you sleep, but we have found a way to make that noise go away. 

Features :

  • Materials : Metal, EVA foam                    

  • Weight : 50 g  

  • Available sizes :  

    - 37 x 30~40 cm 

    37 x 47~64 cm 

    - 37 x 67~87 cm  

Content :

  • * Bed frame with adjustable thread  

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