Back stretcher

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Does working 8 hours a day on your desk chair hurt your back and torment your spine?  

Put the back stretcher flat on the floor and lie down on it. The curve of the Magic Back Support is designed to flex and stretch your muscles without risk of injury. It eliminates unwanted tension.  

This back stretcher is ideal for people with chronic back pain, stiffness or who sit all day. You can lie on it, but you can also use it to support your back while sitting. It can also be used in your car or at the office. It has built-in straps to attach to a seat. Its dual function allows it to be used as a lumbar support chair or a lumbar support for the car.  

Back stretcher
Back stretcher

🔶 Designed for All Ages: Ergonomic design includes a multi-level arch with 3 adjustable resistance settings so all ages and fitness levels can benefit from use and improve flexibility.   

🔶 Dual Handle with Comfort Point: The design of this muscle roller ensures a stable grip that works effortlessly with you for the most effective massage and muscle relief; the dual handle design helps you reach difficult points and provides hassle-free massages.

🔶 Durable and high quality materials:This massage stretcher is made from industrial strength materials, thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handles for comfort and grip, 9 small independent ABS rollers in a reinforced steel rod core for long life.


The Magic Back Stretcher is very useful for relieving chronic back pain, spinal tension, correcting postural imbalance and restoring natural curvature. It is effective in treating pain caused by muscle spasms, pinched nerves, herniated discs, sciatica, degeneration, tight knots, excessive flexion and more.


  • Material: ABS

  • Color: Black

  • Size: 40 * 25.5 * 5 cm

  • Supported weight: Up to 250 kg


  • 1 * Back stretcher               

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