Back and neck massage pillow Heat function for car

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Does sitting in your car seat make you extremely tired?

These massage cushions plug into your cigarette lighter port and are simply placed on the car seat.

These cushions offer vibrationally heated full back massage. These massage cushions are suitable for the car, home or office, providing an easy way to relieve the stress and strain that travel, work and other stressors put on your body on a daily basis. They are made of high quality material that is healthier and more environmentally friendly. The 5 built-in vibrating motors can provide you with a comfortable back, neck, lumbar and thigh massage.

Back and neck massage pillow Heat function for car
Back and neck massage pillow Heat function for car

🔶 MULTI-ZONE MASSAGE PAD: 8 types of massage and 5 vibrating motors, can massage the whole back. Select full back massage, lower back massage or upper back massage. It has an optional heat function, releasing gentle warmth, to help you relax after a stressful day.   

🔶 SAFE TO USE: The massage cushion has an automatic shut-off feature that protects the tool from damage and conserves power in case you forget to turn off the machine. The automatic computer timer, equipped with a thermal overload protection tool and an overload fuse, makes the cushion safer to use.

🔶 DEEP AND PENETRATING VIBRATIONS: The seat cushion features deep penetrating dual vibration nodes with three levels of vibration intensity. Enjoy the exact setting for your massage.


This car seat massage cushion relieves pain, soreness, tension and knots. It is suitable for the car, home or office, which is an easy way to reduce the daily stress and strain on your body due to travel, work and other stressors. Made from high quality materials, the seat cushion is safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly to use.


  • Materials: polyester fabric and sponge

  • Color: Black

  • Input: 110-240 V 50-60Hz  

  • Power: 7.2 W  

  • Output: 12 V  

  • Number of vibrating motor: 5

  • Cushion size: approx. 114.5*48.3 cm


  • * Massage Cushion                              

  • *  Adapter    

  • Car Charger

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