Automotive side headrest

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Tired of not being able to sleep properly on long car trips? 

How often do you fall asleep while traveling or on vacation with your family, with your children, your wife or yourself, but can't get your head to rest?

We have found THE solution for you: Our headrest pillow was designed to provide more comfortable head and neck support on the side, without the fear of collapsing during sleep with bent necks. You'll feel more relaxed and secure.

An undeniable asset for a long and soothing drive, headrests have become an important accessory in the car's interior for a safe and comfortable environment!

Automotive side headrest
Automotive side headrest

🔶 Easy to set up, first choose the appropriate rubber washer to attach to the car seat headrest bars. Then, attach the retractable support rod to the rubber washer. Attach it to the headrest support bars

🔶 Using high quality ABS material on a retractable support shaft, stable and safety. Removable leather with beautiful stitching and filled with thickened memory foam, softer, it has a slow rebound, no odor and is easy to clean!

🔶 180° rotation for a variety of heights. You can adjust the angle of the car seat cushion to keep your head and neck in a more comfortable position. Lift it up if you don't need it.

If you want to relieve stress, relax your muscles, protect your head from shocks, our headrest can offer you a comfortable and more environmentally friendly sleep. It is adjustable from top to bottom to fit different heights and width of the seat. This product is a universal product suitable for adults and children!


  • Black or beige leatherette cushion cover, easy to clean  

  • High quality ABS retractable support rod, stable and safe  

  • Detachable pillows for easy installation and storage  

  • 180° rotation for a variety of passenger heights and space saving  

  • Weight: 850 g  


  • 1 rod + 2 car headrests + Pillowcase + 4 screws + 1 Screwdriver

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