Automatic toilet cleaner

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Your toilet smells bad and doesn't shine like it used to?

No need to brush the bowl for hours, this automatic cleaner will completely disinfect it, keep it clean and scented.

It has been specially designed to clean and deodorize. Just flush the toilet and the automatic cleaner will do the rest to make your toilet smell great. 

Automatic toilet cleaner
Automatic toilet cleaner

🔶 Permanent product

This product has been designed to have a long term effect. It is able to clean more than 2000 when the water temperature is below 25°C.    

🔶 Non-corrosive material 

It is made from a neutral product, without risk of toxicity and does not alter the pipes or the septic tank.  

🔶 Versatile

Can be used in all types of flush toilets whether it be your home, office, hotel, restaurant, etc. Great sterilization and cleaning capacity

This detergent is capable of killing 99.9% of the bacteria in your toilet and keeping it clean. After being placed in the water tank, it produces sparkling blue bubbles that clean the tank itself, the rim, the inside of the bowl, the drain pipe and other parts of the toilet.


  • 1.Place the cleaner directly into the water tank.   

  • 2. Wait at least 5 minutes before using.    

  • 3. Flush the toilet, the product cleans the toilet bowl every time you do so.   

  • 4. When the water in the bowl turns blue, it indicates that you need to replace the cleaner. 


  • Size : 6 * 6,8 cm  

  • Weight: 80 g 

  • Perfume : lavender                


  • 1 Automatic toilet cleaner 

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