Automatic Kitchen Whisk

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Rotate your sauces without burning them and prevent you from doing anything else!

Simply activate this automatic whisk and put it in the pot of soup, sauce or anything else, it will do the stirring for you.

The automatic whisk is an absolutely brilliant invention. Never again will you have to burn that delicate sauce while you go see what the kids are fighting about. It will simplify your cooking forever.

Say goodbye to burnt sauces or clotted soups. While it's doing its job, you can focus on finishing other tasks. Chop more herbs or vegetables, prepare the table or entertain guests with peace of mind.

Automatic Kitchen Whisk
Automatic Kitchen Whisk

🔶 Stop stirring for hours: let the automatic whisk do the work for you! It is waterproof and completely submersible. The shaker has 3 legs with silicone feet that won't scratch or damage your pans.

🔶 Made of food-grade ABS plastic and stainless steel: it is sturdy and removable. Just click the top button and it automatically mixes yogurt, sauce and soup in the pot.

🔶 Portable and wireless: It is powered by 4 AA batteries to run for hours. It can be left unattended. It has 3 different speeds to meet your needs, you can have more free time to do other things.


Making homemade sauces is a long and tedious process. With this automatic whisk, you can spend a pleasant day with your family. It is an indispensable kitchen aid to automatically prepare all kinds of creams, sauces and soups. Plus, it is specially designed to cover the surface of your pan. 


  • Type of item: electric whisk  

  • Materials: ABS + Stainless steel 

  • Power supply: 4 AA batteries (not included)  

  • Weight : 200 g  


  • 1 * Automatic whisk   

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