Arm and Wrist Strengthening Apparatus

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Do you dream of having firm toned arms without leaving home?

This weight training machine is the solution for you. In addition to being a small workout tool, it also helps to strengthen all the muscles in your arms.It is an ideal piece of fitness equipment for your shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest. 

Arm and Wrist Strengthening Apparatus

Arm and Wrist Strengthening Apparatus

🔶 It has three interchangeable colored resistance exercise bands in different power levels that are suitable for all fitness levels and age groups.

🔶 This equipment is easy to store whether at home, in the office or even for travel. Thanks to its size, you can continue your exercise wherever you are.

🔶 Suitable for people who do not want to make a lot of physical effort while keeping in shape.  


  • Product size :26 x 22 x 10.5cm                          

  • Material: High quality rigid PVC  


  • 1* Arm strengthener and wrist strengthener 

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