Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Cushions

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Tired of hearing your washing machine squeak on your floor?

The damper of the washing machine can provide stable support, has good vibration and absorption ability. It prevents the dryer from shaking. It can be used with most washing machines and dryers. It is an indispensable tool for the family washing machine room.

The anti-vibration pads are made of high quality rubber, have good vibration absorption properties and a high friction coefficient. They protect all floor coverings effectively and can be used for a long time.

Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Cushions
Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Cushions

🔶 Easy installation: just place the four rubber anti-vibration pads under the corners of the washing machine, dryer or other noisy applications. No tools or adhesives, convenient to use.

🔶 Anti-vibration: The shock absorber of the washing machine can provide stable support, which can prevent the machine from shaking and moving greatly during operation, effectively eliminating vibration and noise, and helping to protect the washing machine from damage.

🔶 Versatile: This anti-vibration pad is widely used in washing machines and dryers. It is compatible with most washing machines or dryers in the market. Please measure before you buy. The diameter of the feet of the suitable washing machine is 4cm or less.


The washing machine cushion pads are made of high quality plastic and durable rubber, which are environmentally friendly, moisture resistant, chemical resistant, mold resistant and long lasting. The card slot design makes the washer firmly attached to the foot pad to prevent the washer from sliding.


  • Material: plastic 

  • Color: black, grey

  • Size: outside diameter 10cm, inside diameter 4cm 


  • 1 * Anti-vibration pads for washing machine         

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