Anti-slip safety railing for bathroom

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Are you often afraid of falling when you get out of the shower? 

This safety railing is made for you!   

This safety railing helps you avoid injuries that can occur when falling in the bathroom. This simple accessory protects you from accidental injuries that can happen when you get out of your shower.

Anti-slip safety railing for bathroom
Anti-slip safety railing for bathroom

🔶 This safety railing has a locking latch technology it attaches to various flat, non-porous surfaces. These are tile, acrylic, fiberglass or glass.

🔶 To install it, you don't need anyspecial tools. In fact, you only need to move the latch in order to fix it on any suitable surface.

This ramp has a non-slip handle that is suitable for arthritic hands, but also for toddlers. Give yourself an extra helping hand by keeping your hands on the bar.


  • Recovery from surgery

  • Prevention of falls

  • Leg shaving


  • 1x Shower Grab Bar  

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