Anti Parasitic Dog Collar

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Do you want to get rid of fleas and other insects on your pet without spraying it with toxic products?

Help your pet get rid of fleas and ticks and prevent itching and discomfort. Simply place the collar on the dog's neck and the entire body will be protected.

Theflea and tick collar for cats effectively protects your pet for 24 hours, which can kill and repel all species of insects (fleas, ticks, lice, larvae, mosquitoes, etc.).

Unlike other rigid oval collars, this flea collar fits perfectly around your dog's neck. Reliable and waterproof, it allows your pet to swim, bathe or even play in the rain. Most importantly, flea collars used for dogs are hypoallergenic and can protect the dog's skin.

Anti Parasitic Dog Collar
Anti Parasitic Dog Collar

🔶 EFFECTIVENESS: We have applied the improved formula for flea and tick collars to provide optimum protection for your pet. The natural essential oil extracts will permanently get rid of the parasite that irritates your beloved cat. In addition, the enhanced formula works on different types of parasites such as: fleas, ticks, larvae, lice and mosquitoes

🔶 EASY TO USE: Our flea and tick prevention is very easy to use. Just put this tick collar on your pet's neck, adjust the appropriate length, cut off the excessive part. If not used, keep it in the original tin can.

🔶 WATERPROOF DESIGN: The waterproof material ensures no loss even in wet conditions, it also works in the wash, there is no need to take it off after doing various exercises like swimming, bathing or even playing in the rain. Don't worry about being destroyed by bathing, rain or beach games


The flea and tick collar is made with 100% natural ingredients. The unique protective formula is made up of essential oils that are effective against ticks, fleas and parasites, and safe for your family and home. We use the combined power of a special blend of lavender, lemongrass and lemon oil to confuse the insect's sensory input system, to repel and avoid your cat.


  • Material: Rubber+aluminum

  • Suitable for: neck circumference of up to 63.5 cm

  • Weight : 11 g


  • 1 * Dog Collar Antiparasite                                       

  • 1 * Aluminum can

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