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Keep your children away from mosquitoes with this anti-mosquito Led lamp!Tired of chasing mosquitoes or sweeping up bugs?

This solution is for you. This mosquito trapping lamp does not use any chemical component to eliminate these insects.  
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🔶 This anti-UV lamp has an intelligent light sensor. 

This sensor is placed on the top of the lamp. When the lamp is turned on, it will work automatically at night and will turn off when the day comes. The technique used is environmentally friendly. This lamp does not emit any noise.  

🔶 It also has a fan with a 360 degree suction capacity. Thanks to this, the mosquitoes that fly near the lamp will be sucked away. The lamp is powered by USB cable with a safety voltage of 5V DC. It has also been designed to respect the sleep of everyone with a sound of less than 45 decibels. 

This lamp attracts mosquitoes through an energy efficient violet light. The mosquitoes are then trapped inside the lamp. They will then be dehydrated. This process is twice as effective as the usual anti-insects.    

Use this product when traveling in tropical countries where flying insects are plentiful. Avoid diseases such as malaria, yellow fever or West Nile virus.     


  • High quality lamp  

  • Compact and easy to carry shape  

  • Mosquito trap/prison  

  • Power supply by USB plug  

  • ABS material is environmentally friendly, safe and durable  

  • LED light and violet light from 360 to 400 nm  

  • Make little noise 

  • Energy saving  


  • 1 x Ultra violet anti mosquito lamp                     

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