Anti-lice electric vacuum cleaner comb for children

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How to get rid of those lice and nits that invade your hair once and for all? This is the effective solution.  

Don't use any harmful products to remove your lice and nits. The anti flea/lice electric vacuum comb. Simple to use, this comb removes these unwanted parasites permanently. It is also recommended for pets.

Anti-lice electric vacuum cleaner comb for children
Anti-lice electric vacuum cleaner comb for children

🔶 This comb is very easy to use and allows you to eradicate these parasites for good. It detects and prevents infestation of lice, fleas and nits.

🔶 The filter on this comb is an LED light that lets you know when the tank is full. You can then get rid of these pests in a natural way.

The vacuum comb removes 100% of the parasites and traps them in the disposable filter. The disposable filter can be easily removed for cleaning. Find the cleaning guide of your device in the user's manual. 

The vacuum comb is a comb that kills and sucks at the same time. This guarantees you an optimal result.



  • Output power: 5VDC 1A    

  • Protection class: IP22  

  • Cable length: approx. 180cm             

  • Weight: 355g  


  • 1x Anti-lice electric vacuum comb   

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