Anti-insect magnetic curtain

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Are you tired of living indoors without being able to open windows and doors for fear of mosquitoes and other insects invading your home?

This magnetic insect curtain allows you to save money and enjoy a healthier environment by reducing the use of air conditioning and chemical mosquito repellents, as well as fly repellents that can be dangerous for pets or children.

This anti-mosquito curtain closes with magnetic fasteners incorporated into the opening. The screen comes in the form of a 2-section curtain with reinforced polyester ribs.

Simple and easy to assemble with a self-adhesive strip and natural insect protection to open balconies and patio doors. It is suitable for single doors, sliding doors and more.

Anti-insect magnetic curtain

🔶 Hands Free Entry: Convenient for a quick walk and you don't need to open and close it when you take a lot of things with you, it will open and close automatically. This door scree mesh is easily available for your convenience.

🔶 Closes tightly and automatically : Equipped with 6 pairs of magnetic strips and 7 pairs of magnetic pieces, the two curtains close automatically and without leaving any gaps . At the same time, you'll notice how easily they separate when you walk through them .

🔶 Stylish appearance: Perfectly sealed, the door screen is made of tightly woven polyester fiber. It is tear-resistant and stable material for long life, and you won't need to replace your door insect curtain often. It looks very elegant like a normal curtain.


Keep annoying insects out with a screen. Flies, bees, mosquitoes, and other insects continue to enter the home, especially on hot summer days. This magnetic insect curtain blocks these flying creatures, protects you from infectious diseases and mosquito and bug bites. Enjoy a healthy, comfortable and pleasant summer.


  • Material: Polyester

  • Color: black 

  • Size: 210 x 100 cm                      


  • 1 * Magnetic curtain anti insect

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