Anti-Fatigue and Slimming Insoles

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Want to lose weight easily?  

You can wear theseinsoles with any type of shoe..

 By automatically stimulating the trigger points, it ensures beneficial weight loss.Walk or stand, the process will always work

Anti-Fatigue and Slimming Insoles
Anti-Fatigue and Slimming Insoles
Anti-Fatigue and Slimming Insoles
Anti-Fatigue and Slimming Insoles

🔶Save your time and money:you won't need to visit a stimulating massage doctor anymore! No more expensive and time-consuming appointments with a specialist

🔶 Massage while walking guaranteed: Made of flexible plastic inserts that combine both acupuncture and reflexology. A gentle foot massage: just by walking!  

🔶 Benefits not to be overlooked: Lose weight while walking, magnetic waves emitted by slimming magnets will weaken fat cells in the body, enjoy a soothing effect through the stimulation of blood circulation in your feet. 

What are they made of ?

These magnetic insoles have seven strategically placed magnets. They also have raised nodules that stimulate reflexology points.

These essential materials are meant to alleviate mild foot discomfort and rejuvenate the entire body!


  • One size 28.5 cm to cut out                      


  • One pair x Acupressure Slimming Insoles

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