Anti-cellulite shower brush

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Do you have a few extra pounds to lose? You want to get rid of cellulite!  

This is for you!

Effectively reduce cellulite on your skin and improve your blood circulation. This anti-cellulite roller stimulates fat burning. Your cells eliminate fat and water and allow the skin to become firmer.

Anti-cellulite shower brush
Anti-cellulite shower brush

🔶 The anti-cellulite roller allows is suitable for all parts of the body. Feel free to apply it on your thighs, hips, buttocks or arms.   

🔶 This roller stimulates blood circulation and reduces the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. It helps reduce cellulite and releases toxins contained in the skin.

The brush has double massage effectTPE tips and an ergonomic handle. Use it with massage oil in the shower. It is made of a completely ecological material that is safe for your skin and your health. 


  • Material: plastic   

  • Color: pink

  • Dimensions : 11.2 cm      

  • Size: 8cm 


  • 1 X Anti-cellulite brush   

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