Anti-adhesive pastry mat

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Are you looking for good equipment for cooking? This mat is made for you! 

This Pastry Mat with Measurements Conversion has Imperial and Metric Unit Conversion. You can make recipes from all over the world, without worrying about unit conversions.

Anti-adhesive pastry mat
Anti-adhesive pastry mat

🔶 The thickness of the mat is approximately 1.3 MM . It is more durable than the 0.7 MM mat on the market. This is perfect for rolling dough.   

🔶 Our Silicone Baking Mats made from the highest quality silicone are healthier, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, BPA free and FDA approved!

This soft mat is a truly non-sticky surface and ideal for working with sticky materials. It is also non-slip and lies flat and grips the counter well.

Trailez your puff pastry, your bread dough or any other pastry doughs and pastries more easily with this mat. It is the essential equipment of a real pastry chef.


  • Size: 40*60cm

  • Certification: CE/EU           


  • 1x Adhesive Baking Mat  

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