Angle Measuring Ruler

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Looking for a versatile measuring tool with perfect precision for your construction site work?  

This angle measuring device is an indispensable tool in your toolbox, it is really useful when you need to cut delicate custom angles.

This angle measuring ruler will save you a lot of time and frustration in measuring angles and cutting quickly. No more redoing jobs and wasting materials, whether it's wood, porcelain or ceramic tile, or any other material that requires an accurate cut.

Angle Measuring Ruler
Angle Measuring Ruler

🔶 HIGH QUALITY: Made of high quality aluminum alloy, this angle measuring ruler is more accurate and stronger than traditional plastic angle dividers; it is scratch resistant and very durable. With laser engraving technology, the degree of angle is directly engraved on the aluminum alloy ruler, which will not wear out easily.

🔶 PORTABLE: With its adjustable and foldable design, this ruler is not only easy to use, but also convenient to carry or store. It folds easily for convenient storage and handles with one hand thanks to a unique clamping mechanism.

🔶 MULTI-ANGLE: Multi-angle gauge slides and locks to desired angle, saving time for repeated measurements. The four-sided ruler slides and locks at the desired angle to serve as a reusable template for endless applications.


This angle measuring ruler can be used to create special angles or shapes for floors, bricks, tiles, stones, etc. in woodworking measurement. The miter angle we want to measure will be determined easily and correctly. Its adjustable screw cap allows us to choose a fixed angle, and its sliding design will help us to convert or remove angles easily. This tool accurately measures angles, then locks them, but also divides them perfectly. 


  • Material: Aluminum alloy

  • Angle range : 10 - 170°         

  • Weight : 200 g  


  • 1 * Angle measuring ruler 

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