Aluminum Rod Welding

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Need to connect your aluminum pipes but don't have the right type of rod for weldin?

These welding rods give you the ability to easily weld all your aluminum parts. No need to have sophisticated equipment. All you need is a propane torch and welding rods.


Moreover, this process does not generate any smoke or use any flux. However, you can choose to use a flux if you are sure that it will give you a better result.

These soldering rods have unmatched strength. They can be used to join thick parts as well as thin parts. They are corrosion resistant and rarely, if ever, deform the base material. 

baguette aluminium soudure
baguette brasure aluminium
baguette brasure jaune
baguette de soudure

🔶 How to weld?

Step 1: Prepare the area to be welded by cleaning it

Step 2: Brush this area with a stainless steel brush to make it shiny

Step 3: Heat the area to be welded evenly by rubbing the rod on it.

🔶 How to use them?

Soldering rods are intended only for soldering or brazing aluminum. Try to avoid rusty or dirty rods, as they will produce weaker welds.

🔶 Suitable for aluminum alloys: 1060, 7005 ,1350, 3004, 3005, 5005, 5050, 6053, 6061,3003, 6951 . Use a welding rod of the same size as the tungsten electrode.    

It should be remembered that the rod should never be melted or subjected to direct heat to avoid brittle welds.


  • Length : 330 mm 

  • Application: Welding/brazing of aluminum alloys  

  • Material: Aluminum alloy  

  • No lead  

  • Melting point : about 650°.  

  • Diameter : 1,6 mm  

  • Corrosion resistant  

  • No lead  


  • 10 * welding rods   

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