Adjustable Eyeglasses

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Tired of changing your glasses every minute?

Driving, reading, watching TV and using a computer, now you only need one pair of glasses to do it all.

With dials that can fine-tune the prescription and magnification of each lens, these adjustable prescription glasses can meet the needs of most users.

Each lens has a diopter range of -6.0 to +3.0 that allows you to precisely control the magnification. So you don't have to buy multiple lenses! These glasses are perfect for most visual needs.Adjustable EyeglassesAdjustable Eyeglasses

🔶Customizable Use: With sliding lens technology, they offer customizable focus control by adjusting each eye independently by turning a dial for a personalized prescription.

🔶Instant prescription glasses: enjoy instant focus from near to far. No more forgetting where you put your spare pair and losing them in your car or on your nightstand. These versatile lenses are perfect for all your visual needs, including reading, computing, TV and driving.

🔶Adjustable Glasses : This state-of-the-art pair of adjustable lenses gives you clear, instant vision and can replace your reading and driving glasses. These stylish glasses * with adjustable interface and instant prescription will focus your near, distance and medium distance vision. 


Visualize being able to adjust the strength of your prescription by yourself, with the push of a button. Wouldn't it be nice to make fewer trips to the optometrist and not need a second or third pair of glasses, even to read? These adjustable glasses contain multiple spherical powers and make it a reality. They have three different settings that you can adjust. One pair for near, intermediate and far distances!


  • Width of the glasses : 0,51 cm

  • Material : PC

  • Height of the lens: 35cm

  • Adjustable focus: -6.00 to + 3.00


  • 1 * Adjustable Eyeglasses

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