Adjustable elastic ankle sleeve

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Do you have an ankle injury that prevents you from doing your physical activities?   

You can easily get back to your physical activities with this accessory.  

This Adjustable Elastic Ankle Sleeve protects you during your physical activities. You can reduce the pain of your injuries or protect your ankle, so you can easily do your sports activities.  

Adjustable elastic ankle sleeve
Adjustable elastic ankle sleeve

🔶 This Adjustable Elastic Ankle Sleeve is both adjustable and durable. Its 4D stretch and profile design provides the right amount of support for the ankle.

🔶 Blood circulation and ventilation are facilitated by an opening at the ankle. You can wear it under your socks or in your shoes. This sleeve is also very comfortable.


Promotes blood circulation   

Prevents the risk of ankle sprains   

Relieves pain in the feet  

Facilitates the evacuation of perspirationFavors the recovery following a sports  

of a sports injury 


  • Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)                                     


  • 2 x Ankle brace (1 for right ankle / 1 for left ankle) 

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