4 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Pole with Remote Control

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Do you want a durable and multi-functional selfie pole?

No need to bring both a selfie pole and a bulky tripod to record your trip.

The 4 in 1 selfie stick with built-in remote control allows you to take selfie photos or you can separate the controller to take group photos such as parties, graduation, wedding, travel.The remote control device is located on the selfie stick next to the handle. It can be removed from the holder on the selfie stick to be used independently.

4 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Pole with Remote Control
4 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Pole with Remote Control

🔶 With built-in wireless remote shutter: You can enjoy remote picture taking within a 10m radius by connecting your phone via Bluetooth 3.0.

🔶 Sand and pretty fast: This multi-functional selfie stick features 7 expandable sections up to 75cm long, allowing you to get a wider view of the shoot.

🔶 Aluminum alloy tripod with non-slip pad: This prevents the legs of the tripod from slipping, it will be more stable to record videos or face to face with your family or friends near the remote control.


The 4-in-1 selfie stick fits phone clip ranges from 2.13 to 3.94 inches. It is compatible with iPhone X, XS, MAX, 8pluse and Samsung Galaxy phones. In addition, it comes with a wireless rechargeable remote control that allows you to take beautiful selfie photos, group photos or shoot memorable videos wherever you are with the remote.


  • Material: aluminum

  • Folded length (mm) : 138

  • Max extended length (mm) : 930

  • Maximum Bluetooth distance: 10 m


  • 1 * 4 in 1 selfie stick

  • 1 * Wireless remote control 

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