4 Color Waterproof Watch for Women

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Try our women's 4-color waterproof watch for a stylish twist on your look!

 Look classic and elegant at the same time with this unique watch. With its modern design, catch the eye of your friends at any event. 

This women's 4 color waterproof watch is perfect for your wardrobe.

4 Color Waterproof Watch for Women
4 Color Waterproof Watch for Women
4 Color Waterproof Watch for Women
4 Color Waterproof Watch for Women

🔶 What is it made of? It is made from a stainless steel alloy and flexible. In an effort to fit it easily and perfectly on your wrist, it has a magnetic and strong clasp design.   

🔶 On what occasion? This is a watch that gives you elegance and style at the same time. So wear it during business occasions. It will look great with your business outfit!

Great one-of-a-kind gift!

This watch is perfect as a gift for young or mature women. You can give it on Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, New Year's gift to your mother, wife, and more. Equipped with a classic round dial, the starry sky in the background is highlighted. It offers you style and elegance at the same time! 

It is the perfect gift!


  • Color: Gold / Purple / Black / Blue

  • Material: Alloy, Quartz

  • Shape: Round

  • 30 meter waterproof

  • Magnetic bracelet, width x 16 mm, length x 220 mm

  • Diameter x 34 mm, thickness x 10 mm


  • 1 * Waterproof Watch for Women         

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