3D Phone Screen Magnifier

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Tired of seeing your favorite videos on cell phones on a small screen?

Currently, smartphones are evolving. It is a way for people to watch their favorite TV shows, YouTube, or movies online. Nevertheless, the phone screen can cause harmful consequences for the eyes. The perfect solution for the screen problem is the 3D phone screen magnifier.

3D Phone Screen Magnifier
3D Phone Screen Magnifier
3D Phone Screen Magnifier
3D Phone Screen Magnifier

🔶 No power required, can be used for all kinds of circumstances like leisure, camping, travel or can be used just at home as it's easy to carry anywhere. 

🔶 3D effect display, suitable for any phone model and especially suitable for elderly people for reading.

🔶 Decrease eye fatigue when you watch videos on your smartphone

For sharp and clear images, the 3D screen magnifier provides image magnification. It is easy to carry, convenient, and lightweight. The accessories that go with the magnifier are a phone holder and a base suitable for Samsung Android smartphones, iPhones, and other models.

You can adjust the screen magnifier according to your needs by moving it up and down. For reading website articles and text messages or watching movies and videos or viewing any other items, you can enjoy very good image quality.

Use mode :

Place your smartphone in the side view position, then move the screen up from the folded position. To raise it, pull the cell phone holder on the base behind the screen.


  • Small and lightweight                

  • Wide compatibility

  • Energy saving


  • Screen magnifier

  • Phone holder

  • Base suitable for smartphones

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