3D Mask Holder

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Are you uncomfortable with your mask?

The 3D support frame keeps the mask fabric around your mouth and nose, giving you a cooler space to breathe, freeing up your nose and preventing glasses from fogging. You will also feel more comfortable. The size can be used for children, adults and seniors.

Do not allow your mouth and nose to come into contact with your mask. The holder can hold enough space to keep the air inside clean and dry. Plus, the holder is made of silicone, making it reusable and washable.

3D Mask Holder
3D Mask Holder

šŸ”¶Lipstick retention: The face mask holder keeps the fabric away from your mouth. This feature helps protect your skull from abrasions. Your makeup won't be damaged by the mask when you take it off.

šŸ”¶ Comfortable and easy to use: The silicone mask holder is very soft, light and smooth, yet sturdy, and can hold many different masks. The side clip allows you to secure the mask to your face.

šŸ”¶SMOOTHER BREATHING: The lipstick protector separates the mouth and masks, the inner face support frame can increase the breathing space and make the breathing softer.


The 3D mask holder is suitable for workers who need to wear masks and makeup protection for women on the go. The internal face mask support frame increases wearing comfort and internal airflow. It meets the needs of you and your family.


  • Size : 10x8.5cm/3.94x3.35in

  • Material: Plastic

  • Net weight : 7g


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