3D Drawing Tablet

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Does your child get daubed with markers and chalk after drawing time?

 Take advantage of this new way to draw, sketch and create to keep your kids clean! This unique drawing tablet is extremely easy to handle, just press the button to make your drawing magically stand out!


There are 8 different colored light effects to choose from.


Take a look at your beautiful artwork and when you're done, just clear the screen to make a new one! The possibilities for using this tablet are endless! 

3D Drawing Tablet
3D Drawing Tablet
3D Drawing Tablet
3D Drawing Tablet

🔶 Promote your child's creativity and drawing skills without wasting paper! With our 3D tablet, your child can continue drawing by simply erasing their drawing and starting over.   

🔶 Perfect for spelling, math and reading. Great at home as well as when traveling.

🔶 No need to waste paper or ink. No ink, no paint, non-toxic, non-polluting. Clean and safe for the environment.

Its invisible screen allows you to see your favorite art from both sides. You can draw whatever you want!

With these tablets, learning is a pleasure! They are great for helping your kids with their studies like spelling, math, reading and for playing at home or on the go.  


  • Materials: Plastic

  • Size: Normal: 13.9 * 11.8 * 1.8 inches

  • Upgrade: 10 * 7.5 * 1 inch

  • Recommended age: 3+


  • 1 * drawing tablet

  • 3 * paint pads  

  • * double-sided pens 

  • 1 * Instruction manual 

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