3D Clone Board

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Are you a big fan of 3D art ? 

This clone board is here to make all of life's fun moments memorable!  

Design free art with this 3 dimensional sculpture in a translucent frame. This unique gift is always fun, fascinating and never gets old.  

This pin sculptureis a novelty toy for kids. The print board is a great choice for children's leisure activities on a play day. An entertaining pin board that makes a different style of art with depth. It allows you to create your own designs by manipulating and molding the pins.  

3D Clone Board
3D Clone Board

🔶 Entertaining Pin Board : This classic toy for kids is one of the best creative thinking toys out there. Not only does it allow you to create 3D designs, but you can also manipulate the metal pins in different ways.

🔶 Perfect bedroom or office decoration : this novelty is not only a toy, but also can be an artistic decoration for your bedroom or office, just fix it to the wall to avoid falling. 

🔶 Inspire creativity and 'imagination : You can press an object into the paroid this pin sculpture to leave an impressive profile, like a statue or figurine. It will create unimaginable 3D sculptures, inspiring kids with unlimited creativity and imagination.


Simply use your hands, face, feet, or any other everyday objects such as toys and shapes that you press onto the pins, to create amazing 3D sculptures. The print remains intact as long as the device is not shaken and placed face up so that the pins slide back.

Features :

  • Materials : Plastic + Metal

  • Style : 3D 

  • Size : 13,5 * 10 * 6 cm  

Content :

  • 1 * Clone board                 

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