3D brush

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Do you often encounter difficulties when it comes to untangling your hair? This brush is the solution to your problem.  

With its 360 degree design, this brush will help you detangle your hair more easily. It can be used to get nice curls or just to massage your scalp.

3D brush
3D brush

🔶 Use it to remove dandruff or to rub in your hair care. Also boost your hair growth with this detangling brush.

🔶 The brush is perfect for those with long fragile hair. The 3D detangling brush respects the nature of your hair while carefully styling it.

With its unique spherical design, the brush can be used on wet hair to detangle and on dry hair to add volume. It can also be used to create large, wavy curls.  


  • Size: 27 x 5.5cm  

  • 100% new high quality and very resistant  

  • 360 degree spherical design to prevent tangled hair  


  • 1 x hairbrush                                             

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