2 in 1 mop with bucket

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Do you want to do your housework faster? Try this revolutionary broom. 

Clean your home or surfaces more easily. Equipped with a self-cleaning tray, this 2-in-1 mop allows you to avoid dirtying your hands, but also to avoid constantly bending down to clean.

2 in 1 mop with bucket
2 in 1 mop with bucket

🔶 This broom is equipped with a self-cleaning system of the tray. This allows you to de-scrub all surfaces with a Microfiber wipe installed at the end of your broom.

🔶 This mop is suitable for all surfaces such as floating parquet, tile and even carpet. The mop allows you to perform a deep cleaning of your floor.

The microfiber cloths can be cleaned by hand or machine after use. They are very durable and can be used for more than three months. The bin can last for several years.

This Magic Mop is equipped with a compact bucket that allows you to wash and wring out the wipe quickly. The bucket consists of 2 tanks: one for clean water and one for dirty water.


  • Materials: Abs + Stainless Steel                      

  • Absorption: <10 seconds

  • Broomstick load: > 10 kg


  • 1x Broom +Bucket accompanied by 4 mops 

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