2 in 1 high pressure cleaner

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Would you like to transform your garden hose into a real high-pressure jet?  

Use this pressure washer and get professional results at home! It will restore the shine to any surface in seconds.

This 2-in-1 cleaner is ideal for cold water power washers, fits all standard garden hoses, and other standard hose bib fittings.

The soft TPR grip has a non-slip design that provides a comfortable and secure grip, easy to use and ergonomic. The standard brass hose fittings and aluminum scrubber wand tubes are of rugged, corrosion-resistant construction. They are wearable and can be reused several times.

2 in 1 high pressure cleaner
2 in 1 high pressure cleaner

🔶 Easy set up and use: The water pressure gauge and 2 different nozzles allow you to switch from a powerful spray for washing cars to a gentle spray for watering delicate plants.

🔶 High quality: The pressure washer comes with standard brass garden hose fitting, aluminum wash tube, TPR handle. It is extremely efficient and durable with high resistance to rust and corrosion.

🔶 2 different nozzles: Our powerful pressure washer is equipped with two forms of brass nozzles. You can easily change the brass nozzles according to your needs, it will help you get the best cleaning effect.


Our portable pressure washer can be used for car washing, house cleaning, garden watering, agricultural irrigation, window washing, plant watering and other situations you desire. It allows you to safely clean all dirty surfaces, including wood, concrete, walls, plastic, glass and more. It will not strip paint or clear coat from cars.


  • Tip material : Copper  

  • Sleeve material: TPR  

  • Color : Blue   

  • Spray Distance: 8 m  

  • Water pressure : 8 kg                     


  • 1 * 2 in 1 high pressure cleaner   

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