Wax Heater with 10 spatulas + 100g of wax

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Are you looking for a safer faster and easier way to remove your hair?  

This premium wax heater is a versatile device that works with all types of waxes, including canned and block waxes. It's the perfect choice for beauty professionals and consumers alike.

Compact and portable, it allows you to enjoy professional waxing treatments in the comfort of your home or while traveling.

The unit features a temperature control knob and indicator. The wax warmer holds most wax containers and has a clear lid to keep the wax from spilling out. The thermostat control knob and circular heating element allow you to adjust the temperature for quick and even wax melting.

Wax Heater with 10 spatulas + 100g of wax
Wax Heater with 10 spatulas + 100g of wax

🔶 SAFE AND EASY TO USE: The wax heater is designed for a wide temperature range from 70 to 100 °C. It shuts off when the temperature reaches 100 °C and restarts when the temperature is below 70 °C.

🔶 FIT FOR MOST TYPES OF WAX: This wax heateris suitable for most wax formats including hard wax, soft wax, bulk wax, hard wax beans, bikini wax kits, hard wax beads, microwave wax sets and waxing kits, hard wax waxing.

🔶 PRACTICAL and ELEGANT: Perfect for salon waxing, at home, at your friends' house, on vacation or wherever you go. A stylish addition to any home beauty ensemble. A perfect waxing tool for mobile technicians.


wax is thermostatically controlled and maintains the same temperature during waxing. Simply turn on and set the temperature. It stops automatically when the critical temperature is reached. All types of waxes need a different temperature to melt. With this professional waxheater, you can easily adjust and set the temperature by turning the knob.


  • Capacity:  500 ml  

  • Plug: American/ue plug

  • Power:  80 W  

  • Heating time10-15 minutes  

  • Aluminum container: D 10.5 cm * 6.5 cm

  • Especially suitable for wax beans 50 g / 100 g


  • 1 * Waxing Machine

  • 100 g wax beans  

  • 10 * Wooden spatula         

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