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Facial cleansing brush

Facial cleansing brush

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How do you clean your skin and tone it at the same time? 

The solution is simple, use this vibrating cleansing brush.

This Vibrating Cleansing Brush will gently cleanse your skin and also stimulate collagen production.

You will have a healthy and radiant skin. Feel free to add this brush to your daily routine.

Facial cleansing brush
Facial cleansing brush

🔶 Its round shape and numerous spikes also allow you to massage your face and thus stimulate blood circulation. It thus provides a real wellness effect.

This Vibrating Cleansing Brush is very compact and will have its place in your bathroom or on your dressing table. It is also suitable for your travels.


  • Dimensions: 80 × 30 × 80mm

  • Charges with a USB cable ( Not included)


  • 1x Vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush       

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