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Hands-free elastic leash for dogs

Hands-free elastic leash for dogs

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Want to walk with your dog without having to hold his leash? 

Use our elastic hand-free dog leash! 

The Elastic Hand Free Dog Leash is an effective device using zero shock technology. 

It completely absorbs shocks and reduces the tension holding the dog on the leash at its owner's side. You will have a real pleasure to hold this leash thanks to its soft touch strap and its neoprene handle with adapted dimensions.

Moreover, you will be able to jog or just walk with your dog.

Hands-free elastic leash for dogs
Hands-free elastic leash for dogs

🔶 How it worksThe pressure from the dog and owner is completely cushioned and relieved by the shock reduction while improving control

🔶 How to stay safe with this leash: With the reflective threads of this zero shock leash, you will have visibility and safety during your night walks

🔶 Benefits: You'll be able to run, walk or hike for longer periods of time. With this elastic leash, don't spend energy fighting against unwanted forces anymore

In terms of safety: The elastic hand free dog leash effectively dissipates fast forces with its incredible flexibility. Comfort and safety are optimized for you and your dog.

Don't worry if your dog wanders off unexpectedly, you won't receive any shock. The impact on your arm and back will be lessened with this leash. 

It is perfectly suited for young and dynamic dogs 


  • Length of the belt : 70 - 128 cm    

  • Length of the rope : 124 - 175 cm 

  • Width: 2,5 cm  


  • 1* Free hand elastic leash           

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