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Grooming mat removing comb

Grooming mat removing comb

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Need to detangle your pet's long hair without hurting them? 

You can gently remove tangles and knots from your pet's fur without pain, tugging or stress with this detangling and grooming comb!

It retracts and detangles long hairs very well without pulling them out.

It's the best at detangling. Go for the detangling and grooming comb!  

Grooming mat removing comb
Grooming mat removing comb

🔶  Perfect protection : Preserve and protect your mirrors from stains, dirt, dust and scratches , for perfect visibility

🔶 Both a thinner and a cleaner, it provides unparalleled clarity to your mirror on heavy fog and rainy days.


Safe teeth prevent the blade from coming into contact with the skin, this will be your favorite pet's hair removal tool. 


Its ergonomic non-slip rubber handle is designed for a soft, comfortable grip for extended grooming sessions and a safe brushing experience for you and your pet.


  • Material: Plastic material

  • Purpose: Detangles pet's hair and knots

  • Size : 23 x 4 cm


  • Battery: 4x AAA ( batteries not included)

  • 1 comb to detangle the hair

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