Epilator for animal hair

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Do you feel the same way? You wash your clothes but still find animal hair everywhere?   

The plush hair remover removes pet hair from your clothes while they are washing and drying. It is safe for your clothes, the material is non-toxic, anti-allergic, reusable, simple and self-cleaning!  

The pet hair remover is designed as a round shape so as not to damage your clothes during loading. In addition, it is made of high quality silicone, more durable, non-toxic, and will not leave any trace on your clothes.   

Epilator for animal hair
Epilator for animal hair

🔶 Soft and high quality materials :The pet hair remover is made of PU glue. Very soft and sticky with good adhesion and durability. It can catch hair, dust and pet hair debris, remove them easily from clothes.

🔶 Strong washing ability : The pet hairremover can be put into clothes. With the continuous rotation of the water flow, it can completely adsorb the hair on the clothes, which makes the washing cleaner.

🔶 Reusable and no refill : The hair remover for washing machine saves detergent, water and time, can be reused, hypoallergenic, suitable for children's clothes, self-cleaning. It is reusable and does not need to be recharged.


In addition to the use in the dryer and washing machine, with extreme stickiness, the pet hair remover can be used to remove dust, hair and lint from your clothes, keyboard or even your cell phone directly. Since it is a specially designed product, no traces will be left on the cleaned product, but the dust will remain sticky.  

Features :

  • Material : Silicone   

  • Color : yellow / green

  • Size 10,1 * 9,6 * 1,5 cm      

  • Weight : 220 g 

Content :

  • * Epilator for animal hair 

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