4 Sliding glides for chests of drawers

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Move your furniture easily without damaging your floor!

Moving heavy furniture is not an easy task. Moreover, by sliding your furniture, yourisk damaging your floor. So, what to do? We offer you a simple and practical solution with the use of these furniture glides!


Thanks to these glides, you will no longer have any difficulty moving your heavy furniture. You won't even need anyone's help. To keep your furniture on the sliding discs, you don't have to stick any adhesive to hold them in place. Plus, your floor will be well protected

These glides are ideal for dressers, refrigerators, desks, sofas, washing machines, dryers and more. With these glides, you will be able to move your furniture with a simple glide by placing them under each leg of the furniture.

4 Sliding glides for chests of drawers
4 Sliding glides for chests of drawers

🔶 These glides fit all sizes and shapes of furniture legs with their hexagon shape. Made from high quality foam and plastic, they are very practical, sturdy and do not come apart.

🔶 Furniture glides are versatile and reusable. They allow for quick and easy movement of large, heavy furniture items such as sofas, tables, recliners, dressers, beds and even bulky appliances. 

🔶 When you move large pieces of furniture, you often experience back pain. With these glides, move heavy furniture quickly without hurting your back.

🔶 For example, with these innovative products, from now on, all you have to do is simply slide your sofa to vacuum the dust underneath it in complete peace of mind. 

Use these skates and say goodbye to back pain 

These pads can be used on all surfaces such as wood, tile, carpet ... thanks to its smooth bottom. This way, you don't risk scratching the floor of your house either. Almost all types of furniture can be moved without any problem with these glides. These are easily adjustable with your furniture. This allows you to clean and move them easily.  

Easily clean your home with these versatile skates!

These glides can be used on all surfaces: linoleum, carpet, tiles, wood... They are made of high quality materials to avoid any risk of scratches when moving the furniture.



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