Reusable zippered food container

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Store your culinary creations with ease, choose our reusable zipper lock food container! 

With our range of food containers, don't throw away anymore! Keep your food fresh longer. 

This rectangular blue plastic food container with a large capacity will allow you to keep your food fresh longer. Thanks to the freshness seal, your boxes are perfectly hermetic, 100% waterproof and thus prevent any bacterial proliferation. 

Hygienic and odorless, you will transport your favorite dishes safely. Bisphenol A free, these boxes meet the standard for baby food that remains healthy and undenatured. These zippered food containers are made entirely of quality platinum silicone. 

You can use them as much as you want!   

Reusable zippered food container
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🔶 About the size of the bags : You will have two different size bags. Each bag is perfect for storing your meal such as lunch at work, school or anywhere else. Wash them easily during dishwashing. This is the best choice as a plastic bag!  🔶 About the size of the bowls: Keep your meals well while on the go. Pull the zipper and your meal is immediately ready: no more lids to store or clean! For storing your salad, pasta, oatmeal, fruit or other.

🔶 In terms of cup size: you can put it in the freezer, microwave. It is ideal for storing your chili, soups, sauces, snacks, candies, nuts and more. It is suitable for your travels or to store your culinary creations!

EFFICIENCY: Conventional containers are usually petroleum based. They can contain harmful chemicals that can seep into your food. 

This often happens when heating or cooking in the microwave. However, our food container is made of 100% platinum silicone and zero plastic. 

Totally safe for your health! 


  • Set of 3 Reusable Zipper Food Containers

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