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Wooden keyboard for Mac and wireless PC

Wooden keyboard for Mac and wireless PC

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You are a naturalist and you are against electronic waste?  

People produce between 20 and 50 million tons of electronic waste every year, only a fraction of which is biodegradable, refurbished or recycled.

That's why this bamboo wireless keyboard and mouse was created especially for you. The keyboard set is recyclable and is CE and FCC certified.

Whether you're looking for a long-range wireless keyboard and mouse for your classroom, or your old computer keyboard and mouse are ready for retirement, this wooden keyboard has what you need. The innovative, handcrafted design adds luxury to any space, while their versatility ensures compatibility with any tablet, laptop or desktop.

Wooden keyboard for Mac and wireless PC
Wooden keyboard for Mac and wireless PC

🔶 DURABLE AND PRACTICAL: Sweat and stain resistant, this handmade wireless wooden keyboard and mouse set lasts for over 50 million cycles thanks to the glossy, yet beautiful and shiny coated bamboo.

🔶 SAVE POWER: Replace batteries less often with the power-saving keyboard and mouse with automatic sleep mode. When you're ready to use it, wake it up with a simple mouse movement or press a button.

🔶 WIRELESS: No more fighting with wires - the wooden keyboard and mouse are completely wireless! With up to 10 meters of transmission range, you can type without the tangles.


The wireless keyboard and mouse were especially made of natural bamboo for various reasons. Not only does the material grow quickly and is environmentally friendly, but the bamboo feels comfortable and smooth under your fingertips. It stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it withstands even the wettest of climates. Plus, it never shocks you because it's anti-static and stays cleaner than plastic, naturally. Bamboo is also very resistant to UV rays.


  • Material: Bamboo

  • Supported Pros: Mac and all versions of Windows and Linux

  • Keyboard dimensions: 395 x 155 x 20 mm 

  • Mouse dimensions: 104 x 64 x 30 mm

  • Keyboard weight:  842 g   

  • Mouse weight: 87g  

  • 106-key desktop keyboard

  • Optical wheel mouse 


  • 1 * Optical wheel mouse 

  • 1 * Wireless wooden mouse                         

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