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Voice/instantaneous translator

Voice/instantaneous translator

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Are you often travelling and constantly need a translator?  

This product is an intelligent voice translator, a real-time interactive interpreter that can translate 40 languages for learning, travel,business and meetings, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and many others.


With intelligent speechrecognition technology, it can translate recorded audio into text and simultaneously transmit it as speech output. With clear, noise-free and easy-to-carry sound quality, it is definitely your best communication partner.

Voice/instantaneous translator
Voice/instantaneous translator

🔶 Voice Translation: Intelligent speech recognition technology to facilitate communication between languages. Translate your speech into high quality foreign language text and transmit it as voice output. Eliminate all barriers to language communication, so you can travel the world more easily.     

🔶 Real-time two-way intercom: It can be used to communicate face-to-face and solve communication barriers. By giving you the most appropriate translation, you get real-time results, with a quick response in seconds.

🔶 Text translation: Handling text-to-text translation. It can help you translate any language texts with high accuracy. It uses intelligent recognition technology. You can choose the language you want to translate, then take a picture of the text in the original language on your cell phone.


Our voice translator supports up to 40 languages as well as language and photo translations. It can accurately identify and reach the two-way intercom in real time. The wireless transmission distance can be up to 10m. In addition, the device can easily connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth, which makes the translation more convenient and accurate. This portable translator is simple in design.


  • Color: black  

  • Wireless transmission distance : 10m  

  • Voice recognition distance : 2m  

  • Battery :3.7v / 750mA 

  • Rechargeable battery size: approx. 13.5 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm / 5.3 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches  


  • 1 * Instant Voice Translator                                       

  • 1 *  Charging cable       

  • 1 *  User Manual English       

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