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3D Hologram fan projector new generation

3D Hologram fan projector new generation

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Animate your children and loved ones with this 3D hologram fan!  

The new generation rotating projection hologram fan produces an image in the air by rotating a series of ultra-high density LED lights, producing a 3D visual effect.

This 3D hologram fan is suitable for high traffic areas, product launches, retail stores, airports, Christmas season, parking lots, shopping malls, bars, train stations and other public places. Show your products in three dimensions to differentiate them from the competition.  

Also suitable for strictly personal use.

3D Hologram fan projector new generation
3D Hologram fan projector new generation

🔶 Outstanding 3D effect: The amazing bright image has no borders or backgrounds, makes you feel like it appears completely in the air and creates the best attraction for your products or events. Widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, urban transportation, hospitals, schools, businesses, event venues, stages, exhibition halls, ...

🔶 Quick installation and use: Install the product in a position of 3 meters or more, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You can customize your video or photos to be displayed, just copy them to the included TF card and it will bring 3D advertising display alive in the air.

🔶 High resolution with 320pcs of LED lights: Equipped with 320 pieces of LED lights, you get a clearer and sharper image. More eye-catching 3D images to replace the traditional non-advertising content. The fan supports a variety of online content, makes the reading screen bigger and clearer.


This 3D holographic fan is equipped with the new holographic projector whose resolution is 450*224px and can support a maximum of 30 frames per second for video playback. High-resolution 3D visuals with realistic holographic effect help you effectively convert passive audience into real buyers.


  • Compatibility: Windows  

  • Lighting: LED RGB 

  • Propeller frame: ABS  

  • Resolution : 450 * 224  

  • Power supply range: AC 100 V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz    

  • Power : 10 à 15 W  

  • Supported format : MP4/AVI/RMVB/MKV/GIF/JPG/PNG  

  • Angle of visibility: 160°.  

  • Number of LEDs: 224  

  • LED lifetime: 100000 hours                                                       


  • 1 * 3D holographic fan    

  • 1 * Power supply 220/230V 50/60hz to European standard 

  • 1 * Installation manual    

  • 1 * Remote control (Battery not included)

  • 1 * Stand

  • 4 * Screws  

  • 1 * 8GB memory card

  • 1 * SD/USB card adapter      

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