Transparent glass Protection Clear

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Did you know that the majority of viruses are transmitted by simple sputtering?  

Safe and comfortable, these anti-spray face glasses offer more complete coverage and protect the face from airborne spray.

The face shields are lightweight and designed to be worn like regular eyewear, which reduces the feeling of discomfort when worn on the face.

The appearance of the goggle uses aerodynamic contours so that it can even be used as a bicycle wind deflector. It was carefully made for all activities, indoor or outdoor.

This anti-spill mask has high tenacity and can withstand pressure and drops. 

Transparent glass Protection Clear
Transparent glass Protection Clear

🔶 Polycarbonate Lens : The face shield is made of a polycarbonate environmental projection lens. It is very robust, can withstand pressure and drops, does not deform easily and does not tear.

🔶 Ergonomic and Minimalist Design : The ergonomic and minimalist design makes it a comfortable and stylish face shield to wear wherever you go. It is lightweight and can be worn like regular glasses.

🔶 Clear Glasses : The splash glasses is equipped with a large shield that can firmly protect the whole face. Of the more, the visibility is high and the space between the face and the screen allows you to breathe normally without fogging.


These facial splash glasses are a high density cover. They cover your eyes, nose and mouth, which prevents chemicals, saliva droplets and paints from splashing onto your face. Plus, they are securely fastened to your head with an elastic headband. This helps protect you from diseases and products that can irritate your face. 

Features :

  • Material : Polycarbonate lens

  • Functions : Anti-liquid, anti-dust, anti-wind, anti-sand

  • High temperature sterilization : 120°  

  • Size :

          L 6.7 * 5.3 inches

          M 6.3 * 4.8 inches


  • 1 * Transparent glass Protection Clear   

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