Vacuum cleaner and extractor for pores and blackheads

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Do you have problems with oily skin pimples or unsightly blackheads?   

This blackhead vacuum is designed as a reinforced, skin-friendly suction cup, it removes blackheads thoroughly. This vacuum cleaner gives you a flawless and refreshed face.

It can effectively remove oil, impurities and dust particles from clogged pores. It is also able to increase blood circulation and skin elasticity, tighten loose skin, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, smooth your fine lines and make your skin more radiant.  

Safe, non-stimulating and non-toxic, this blackhead vacuum properly removes pimples without hurting your face. This facial cleansing vacuum is designed with a gentler suction, it only removes blackheads and does not harm your skin.  

Vacuum cleaner and extractor for pores and blackheads
Vacuum cleaner and extractor for pores and blackheads

🔶 Safe and Painless:Compare with a blackhead mask that could cause skin allergies, this electric vacuum is safer. It is made of high quality ABS material that is gentle on the skin.

🔶 Multi-Treatment Accessories: The set includes 3 blackhead suction heads to clean clogged pores and blackheads with suction force and 1 microcrystalline tip to exfoliate your skin and renovate pits caused by pimples.

Do you have oily skin problems, pimples or unsightly blackheads?

🔶 Portable and convenient: This blackhead remover is cordless with a charger at the base that supports USB charging, convenient to charge and use. Small size and light weight, it is easy to use at home or carry outside.


-Oval hole:mainly used for facelift firming, sucked and unplugged repeatedly, gently tighten the skin, increase the vitality of the skin, increase the elasticity, blur the fine lines, make the skin younger. 

- Large round hole: strong suction, remove blackheads, firm and lift the skin, refine the face.

- Small round hole:weak suction, allows to remove blackheads, can be applied on delicate skin. 

- Microcrystalline head: exfoliates dead skin, removes aging skin from the stratum corneum, brightens and softens skin.  


  • Type: Facial Vacuum  

  • Materials: Plastic - Metal

  • Color : White

  • Dimensions : 22 * 15 * 6 cm      


  • 1 * Blackhead vacuum cleaner  

  • 1 * USB charging cable   

  • 1 * User's manual

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