Eyebrow enhancer

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Do your eyebrow hairs gradually fall out and become very fine? 

This eyebrow enhancer works by activating the germ tissue of the dormant hair follicle, promoting rapid eyebrow growth. Within 20 days of using the product, eyebrows become longer, thicker and fuller, but results are visible as early as 7 days after using the solution.

It was developed by scientists who were studying the use of eye drops in their patients, they noticed that they developed longer and fuller eyebrows.

Unlike other eyebrow growth products, this one uses a revolutionary technology that provides eyebrows with the properties necessary for healthy growth.  

Eyebrow enhancer
Eyebrow enhancer

🔶 BORROW STIMULATOR SERUM: nourishes your brows with protein complexes that strengthen and support a thicker, healthier look.

🔶 NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE: Contains no parabens, sulfates or chemical preservatives. Formulated with revolutionary technology approved by GMP, ISO, SGS and CE.

🔶 WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS: Most cheap cosmetic products often have unwanted side effects. This product has been found to be safe and non-irritating.


The eyebrow growth serum is designed to enhance your eyebrows and help them look healthier, thicker and longer. It has been specially created to strengthen your natural eyebrows. 

This eyebrow enhancer improves the appearance of lashes and protects them from breakage, while improving the health and flexibility of naturally growing lashes.


  • Brand : FEG  

  • Quantity : 3 ml  

  • Size: 4.7 in / 12 cm   

  • Color: Clear 

  • Ingredients : Purified water, Sodium chloride, Benzalkonium chloride,


  • 1 * Brow Enhancer   

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