Bra strap attachment Clips

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An easier way to boost your bust? The straps on your bra are constantly falling off and are starting to get on your nerves?   

With the smart bra strap, you can do whatever you want without it falling off.  

This bra clasp is a perfect solution for controlling the strap to fit your most flattering neckline to your favorite fashion. It can also prevent bra straps from being a visible distraction from your outfit when wearing t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, workout clothes, a swim back and more!  

The smart bra strap can not only improve your posture but also increase your breast size.  

Bra strap attachment Clips
Bra strap attachment Clips

🔶  BOOSTER YOUR BUST: This bra strap instantly increases the size of your bust to give you a fuller, sexier neckline and look stunning in your favorite outfit!   

🔶 ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Discreetly transforms any bra easily and comfortably. Ergonomic design relieves discomfort and prevents the straps from digging into your shoulders.

🔶 PRACTICAL: This bra clip adjusts easily to fit any size, and the clips will keep the bra straps in place and well hidden.


Perfect for back tops and dresses, bra ties are super strong, discreet clips that slip over your straps to hide them and keep them from falling off. They're also perfect for creating a deeper neckline for girls who love to draw the eye! These matching bra clips are 43mm in diameter and are available in white, black and beigeto match any bra. 


  • Material: Acrylic

  • Color: Black, White, Beige    


  • 3 * Bra fastener with strap  

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