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Tile and Glass Drill Bit (10 pieces)

Tile and Glass Drill Bit (10 pieces)

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The essential tool to drill into tiles or glass without risking to damage it? 

This diamond drill bit removes a full circle of glass, marble, tile, granite, ceramic or other materials with ease.

Coated with high quality diamond, the diamond hole saw provides high precision, smooth cutting without broken edges. Reduced drilling speeds, low drilling pressure and increased use of water lubrication significantly extend the life of the drill bits.

Tile and Glass Drill Bit (10 pieces)
Tile and Glass Drill Bit (10 pieces)

🔶 EXTREME HARD: These diamond drills are made of industrial grade carbon steel with a nickel plated body to resist corrosion. A thicker diamond coating on the upper sections provides superior cutting strength for maximum drilling results.

🔶 WIDE USE: 10 different bits to meet various demands. Perfect for drilling glass, tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, brick and stone. They are more robust and therefore ideal for very hard and dense pieces of glass, ratchets, gems, hard shells, bones and woods.

🔶 EXTRAORDINARY SHARPNESS: Each diamond drill has a smooth, exact finish that reduces cutting resistance and drilling pressure, increases sharpness and water lubrication efficiency. It is excellent for making clean, precise holes in glass or ceramics and greatly extends the life of the drills.


Small diamond drills have a solid tip and a larger surface area, so they last longer than small diamond core drills, but may take longer to drill a hole. If you're a regular user of diamond drills, it's worth having this combination of small diamond drills in your toolbox because sometimes you don't know if you have a very hard material until you start drilling!


  • Type of item: Core Drill  

  • Hole depth: 35 mm  

  • Weight : 150 g  

  • Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 30mm  


  • 1 * Tile and Glass Drill Bit ( 10 pieces)   

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