Manual plate holder

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Are you looking for a safe way not to get hurt when manually transporting your sheet metal?  

This general purpose panel holder is a unique lifting and carrying system and is perfect for the construction industry.Its ergonomic design allows one person to carry heavy goods such as plywood, drywall, particleboard, melamine, thick glass panels and many other such materials from the top with one hand.

This manual drywall holder comes with a soft cushion handle for all-day comfort, greatly reducing strain and risk of injury to back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

Manual plate holder
Manual plate holder

🔶 Clamp Panel Carrier: A gripping hand tool designed to lift, carry and move a variety of building materials that are large and heavy... Plywood panels, particle board, gypsum board/wallboard, sheet metal, solid core doors, table tops, solid surface materials, granite, marble and more.

🔶 Soft Cushion Handle: It has a soft cushion handle that acts as a lever, using the weight of the panel to create clamping force. With non-marking rubberized grip pads, the grip plates pivot to stay parallel, automatically adjusting to the thickness of the material.

🔶 Unique design: The unique tool grips from the top, making it easy to position, provides excellent leverage, allows a full field of view during transport, and encourages proper lifting technique.Carry it from place to place, from store to car, from car to where all the construction magic happens.


This hand-held clamp-style plate holder allows you to easily carry large plywood panels without straining your back or hurting your palms.It looks like a hybrid of a clamp and a handle. It also combines the advantages of both. Its unique design allows one person to lift heavy panels by himself.  


  • Materials: Nylon + iron

  • Product size :18,5 * 12,5 * 13 cm  

  • Rated load: 45 kg  


  • 1 * Manual plasterboard holder    

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