Double-sided adhesive tape

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Need a tape that will allow you to hang different types of objects?   

This Nano Magic Tape is the ideal solution.  

 It has a great adhesion capacity. This tape is also waterproof and suitable for all spaces whether indoors or outdoors. 

Thanks to this tape, you no longer have to drill holes in your walls!  

3m tape
3m vhb
tape 3m
Double-sided adhesive tape

🔶 Thanks to nanotechnology, this adhesive tape can be used to fix any object on the wall and also on the floor. It can even be used and reused at will. Its length is even adjustable to suit all sizes of objects. 

🔶 Don't worry when you need to remove the tape. It will not leave any trace on your surfaces. You won't have any residue that will tarnish your wall. 

Suitable for all types of surfaces: wood, plastic, glass, marble, and many other surfaces: 

- Can be washed and reused  
-High tensile strength  
-Waterproof adhesive tape


  • Weight : 400 g  

  • Material : Nano Gel  

  • 5 m - Dimensions : 500*2*0,3 cm   

  • 1 m - Dimensions : 100*2*0,3 cm  

  • 3 m - Dimensions : 300*2*0,3 cm 

  • 1 m - Dimensions : 100*2*0,3 cm  


  • 1 * Double-sided adhesive tape   

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