Storage bags for shopping cart 4 colors

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Want to separate your shopping before going home?  

These 4-in-1 reusable bagsand totes are a unique, reusable and washable system that will change the way you shop and help eliminate paper and plastic bags in the process.

Simply hang the bags on the back of the cart while you shop. At the checkout, you can sort your purchases directly into the bags. Separate the bags along the Velcro closure strip and place them in your car. Perfect for those of you who want to shop effortlessly!

Storage bags for shopping cart 4 colors
Storage bags for shopping cart 4 colors

🔶 Designed for durability: made of the highest quality double stitched materials. Avoid all cheap imitations and low-end copies. These bags are designed to be used for many years. They are machine washable.   

🔶 Get rid of plastic food bags: a set of eco-friendly reusable shopping cart bags allows for instant organization, as soon as you place them in your cart. Four bags are all you need to store all your purchases!

🔶 Compact storage: when you're done shopping and ready to relax, simply roll up the bags, then all four fit into a neat Velcro-locked package that can be stored in the car or hung on the cart for your next grocery run.


These shopping cart bags aren't just for shopping. Each bag is detachable and the poles are removable so you can use them at the beach, for road trips, picnics and more. Don't settle for imitations that don't have our patented removable pole design. You'll never run out of uses for your reusable rolling bags.


  • Material: non-woven fabric    

  • Color: red, green, blue, orange   

  • Size:    blue 43 * 20 * 42cm

                red 46 * 20 * 48cm

                green 49 * 25 * 53cm

                orange 50 * 29 * 57cm 


  • 4pcs * shopping cart bag          

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